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shannon Why Your Eating Disorder is Scared of You

Have you? To date, are you stlil here? Despite all the pain, all the torment, all the fear, all the trauma, all the hopelessness, all the depression, all the cruel sadness….are you still reading these words? Are you still breathing? Still taking in letters…formed into words….here on the page….? Then you have survived. For one […]

karen Feeling Anxious versus Feeling Fine

Most of my clients over the decades have had high anxiety which has, in part, driven them to non-hunger eating. While I believe that there’s a genetic, neurobiological component to anxiety, I also know that it’s triggered by irrational beliefs that escalate, rather than de-escalate, distress and stress. Here’s a way out of anxious moments. […]

Who Are You?

So who are "you"? Are you Ed? Are you what you do? Are you what you don't do? Are you who you think you are? Are you your parents, your family, your friends, your goals, your desires, your disappointments, your regrets? Who ARE you? An eating disorder is a gift. It is a chance to […]

Are You Hung Up on Resentment?

Are you someone who views the world as a hostile place and is full of resentments? If so, you might be setting yourself up for unnecessary internal distress. And you know where that might lead you—to making a beeline for the cookie jar! I recently came across the phrase “married to resentment” and it reminded […]

How Mood Affects Eating

Although many of you undoubtedly engage in non-hunger eating when you’re in a positive (aka good) mood, it’s more likely that you act on your cravings when you’re in a negative (aka bad) mood. So says Robert E. Thayer, Ph.D. in his book CALM ENERGY: HOW PEOPLE REGULATE MOOD WITH FOOD AND EXERCISE (2001, Oxford […]

Strength. And You.

Yup. I said STRENGTH. How can admitting weakness possibly give you access to strength? Think about it. Think some more. Looking back on my own recovery journey, I remember the moment when I realized, with an incredibly weak-in-the-knees sinking feeling, that what I was doing to protect and take care of myself (listening to Ed) […]

Your Good Thoughts Hold Great Power

When I was young, I was in love with Luke Skywalker. I was also sure that, if offered the option, I would not have struggled one bit to choose between Jedi-dom and "the Dark Side." Yet, given my own mind's long and well-documented affinity for negative thinking, perhaps my youthful confidence was a tad premature. […]

No Upside to Body Coparisons

Once again, I’m grateful to a client for bringing up an issue that too often plagues disregulated eaters: the compulsion to compare your body with that of others. In this, the most fat-phobic, thin-obsessed period in the history of the world, comparison may seem like normal behavior. But, truth is, it’s anything but. My client […]

Self-care and Food

Recently I asked a client to repeat what she’d said because it was such a profound statement. She said: “Because I can take care of myself with food, I know now that I can take care of myself in other parts of my life.” So true—taking care of yourself by effective feeding may be your […]

Wanting to Lose Weight

One of the most frequent laments I hear from clients is that, although they are finally starting to eat “normally,” they’re not losing weight. They understandably would like to shed pounds along with becoming healthier, yet recognize that focusing on weight loss per se might derail their improved eating. This is tricky business for troubled […]