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Choosing One Goal

Our mind can be our greatest ally. But first we have to stop treating it like the enemy. For most of us, we can hear the mind grind its gears in the morning, limbering and warming up, preparing for another day of vigorous thinking. Where our mind thinks, we often unconsciously follow. Little wonder that […]

Sneaking Away from Your Eating Disorder 101

Ed sure does enjoy your company. He enjoys it so much that he does his best to make sure you will never have any time to enjoy your own company. While Ed might not like it when you start to demand more time away from him so you can hang out with yourself, it is […]

shannon Why Your Eating Disorder is Scared of You

Have you? To date, are you stlil here? Despite all the pain, all the torment, all the fear, all the trauma, all the hopelessness, all the depression, all the cruel sadness….are you still reading these words? Are you still breathing? Still taking in letters…formed into words….here on the page….? Then you have survived. For one […]

karen Feeling Anxious versus Feeling Fine

Most of my clients over the decades have had high anxiety which has, in part, driven them to non-hunger eating. While I believe that there’s a genetic, neurobiological component to anxiety, I also know that it’s triggered by irrational beliefs that escalate, rather than de-escalate, distress and stress. Here’s a way out of anxious moments. […]