The fact that it’s National Eating Disorders Awareness week means different things to each of us. It might be a reminder that you’re not alone and that millions of other women and men also struggle with food and weight issues. It might bring to mind loved ones battling with or lost to anorexia or bulimia. It might finally help you break your denial and admit that you have a dysfunctional relationship with food. This week is a good time to focus on and rethink your goals regarding eating and your body. 

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(Please note that I am no longer looking for participants. Thanks! — Jenni, March 16, 2008)

I am looking for participants to share their experience with exercise bulimia for an upcoming story in a national magazine.

Participants must fit the following criteria:

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I am in snowy Iowa today getting geared up for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAW)! If you live near Ames, Iowa, please visit me tomorrow night at Iowa State University. To celebrate NEDAW, I will also be in Lubbock, Texas, and Binghamton, New York. For event details, visit

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Although there are a host of things you can do to work toward “normal” eating, here are 10 ideas that are tried and true. Some will be easier than others, but all are necessary if you want food to stop being a hassle and to have a positive place in your life.

1. Take a step back and reflect on the way you relate to food and how you could improve the relationship. Reflecting is a good way to break denial. Stay relaxed and don’t pressure yourself to change. Just identify a few changes you could make.

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During my struggle with anorexia and bulimia, I found that writing a letter to my eating disorder (Ed) was always very helpful. I could let out anger, frustration, and tears. When I wrote to Ed, I could take some of my power back. If you have never written a letter to Ed, I would encourage you to try it sometime.

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It’s not unusual for people with eating difficulties to have problems with self-care in other areas as well—drugs, alcohol, hurtful/damaging relationships, or simply treating yourself poorly. It’s common for folks in their teens, 20s and 30s to struggle with issues of self-worth and self-care due to rebellion against family or culture or from plain ignorance and poor role modeling. In fact, it’s often a rite of passage into adulthood; improved judgment comes with experience and maturity.


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Perhaps because we’re heading deeper into an election year, I keep hearing the word “sheep,” as in “we need to stop thinking like sheep and start thinking for ourselves.” Sadly, many people possess a sheep mentality and don’t even know it. The only way to wake up and realize that you’re making choices like someone who’s brain dead is to pause and reflect on why you think and act the way you do. But how…

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Whether you have a special someone in your life or not this Valentine’s Day, make it a great one! I do not have a special someone in my life this year. No, I have LOTS of special people in my life!

I kicked off the morning with an email from my little brother —- wishing me a good day. Then I opened a lovely card from my mom and dad. I will see my vocal coach later today and am having dinner with a friend tonight. I will connect with a few people through phone calls, emails, and text messaging as well.

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Often times I run into women—in my practice, in my life—who have everything going for them, look great, seem full of pep and energy, yet are stuck on losing weight—they insist—in order to be happy. Maybe it’s three pounds or fifteen or 100. Sometimes it’s enough that people would notice and sometimes no one ever would. Anyway, the point is that I wonder what would happen if these women let their weight loss dreams go.…

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Hi! Since so many of you wanted to share your story with me recently, I thought some of you might be interested in an upcoming documentary about adult women with eating disorders. Please see a note from the producer below. Contact her directly. Thanks! Jenni Producer’s Note: Are you a woman in your late 30’s or 40’s whose feeling the pressure to lose weight to look like you’re in your twenties? Are you busy, career…

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