1. If you were fearless, what would be the first thing that you would do? 2. If you didn’t have an eating disorder, would anything hold you back in life? 3. If you didn’t think about food, weight and calories all day what you create, and how would you spend your free time? 4. If you learned to forgive yourself and love yourself the same way you are able to forgive and love others. 5.…

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“The secret of Zen is just 3 words – not always so.” Shunryu Suzuki Roshi Not always so??? People with eating disorders can often be described as controlling, perfectionistic and living in extremes. They need to know when, why, what and how much. Their eating disorder behaviors are unhealthy attempts at making this possible. So this belief, that things aren’t always black and white, can be very difficult for them to accept. It might not…

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Everyone needs time off to take care of themselves, so I’m on vacation next week. My blogs will return the week of August 4, 2008. Best, Karen www.eatingnormal.com www.squidoo.com/eatnormalnow Visit the message board exclusively devoted to my new book, The Food and Feelings Workbook, at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/foodandfeelings. PLEASE NOTE: I encourage you to comment on my blogs and will do my best to address topics/questions you raise in future blogs. Unfortunately, however, due to time constraints,…

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In a previous blog I used the term “wild child” to refer to the part of us that eats or has the urge to eat in an unruly way. A member of my Food and Feelings message board http://groups.yahoo.com/group/foodandfeelings commented on the term and I’ve been thinking about this “wild child” ever since. If you’re a habitual undereater or overeater (or both), there’s a wild child within you who needs to be understood and cared for.

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I hope to see you in Austin for the National Eating Disorders Association’s conference. I am excited that the conference is in my native state this year. Come out and join me in Texas! Please see details below.



Break the Silence:  Tools for Help, Hope and Healing

September 18-20, 2008 
Renaissance Austin Hotel, Austin, Texas

Find out more and register online at www.myneda.org

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Hi! Thanks to everyone who helped to advocate for better mental health coverage on July 9th. The Eating Disorders Coalition (EDC) just sent out an action alert with an update. I thought some of you guys might want to read it below.

Together we ARE making a difference. Yay!


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I'll let you in on a little secret…

Despite the strongly held belief by many that Black Americans are immune from body image woes they aren't. 

Looking back over societal trends lets us see the changes that society has encouraged this population to adopt.

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I had a recent conversation with a client about her general fearfulness about “things not working out” and how she spends her life trying to prevent bad stuff from happening to herself and her family. This is a common anxiety among disordered eaters, especially those with troubled childhoods. Lacking an internal conviction that they can handle whatever comes their way, they instead focus on controlling externals, ie, manipulating situations to assure themselves that no harm will befall them and that they’ll be all right.

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Many people with eating problems don’t trust themselves, not only around food, but to make wise decisions for themselves in numerous arenas. Self-distrust is learned in childhood and is often confused with not knowing what you think or feel. Difficulty identifying thoughts and emotions is different from distrusting what you experience. Think of self-knowledge as the precursor to self-confidence.

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“We can love someone for his own sake, not because he is worthy or unworthy, not because he is loving towards us or he isn’t.” Pema Chodron Loving kindness: genuine care and appreciation for the well being of another; a respect for everyone’s values. This is a worthy concept and also one that seems almost impossible at times. For people struggling with eating disorders, personal loving kindness is almost non-existent. That’s why it is so…

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