The more I read about eating and weight, the more it appears that genetic loading and biology heavily predispose folks to overeat or be fat. When I talk with clients about genetic tendencies and biochemical imbalances, some are relieved that there’s a cause for decades of food struggle and others are bummed out, feeling branded for life. Whatever the cause of food problems, everyone can change their thinking, which ultimately produces healthier attitudes and more constructive behavior around food.

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Sometimes you think you’re ready to change your eating behavior, but there’s so much else going on in your life that takes precedence. Frequently you need to get other parts straightened out to free up energy to put into resolving food problems. If you’re struggling with difficult situations or they’re contributing to food abuse, you may have to step back from eating work until you resolve them effectively.

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Recently in the news were articles again about women presenting to treatment centers for care who were over the age of 30.  The headlines labeled these young people "Older women."  Treatment programs themselves stated that they had in place or were developing programs for the 30 year old and older group. I was reading the articles intensely when I suddenly recognized, and with a shudder no less. Suddenly 30 year old women are old being…

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An article in Environmental Nutrition (July 2008, vol. 31, No. 7) confirms that although sugar and sugary foods taste good and it can be hard to stop eating them, “you cannot get physiologically addicted to sweet foods.” Their studies conclude that “a craving for sweets…is the result of conditioning based on cultural, social, and individual cues.” More evidence that food is not physiologically addictive. That doesn’t mean you don’t feel as if you’re addicted to sugar. What you suffer from, however, is not an addiction, but a dependence.

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I have had a dark night. Recently I was in the hospital for two weeks with an unidentified illness. The only thing between me and death was the IV in my veins providing precious nutrients and fluids necessary for life. It is times like these that gives us the most opportunity for soul growth. All of us, at one time or another, go through a period of loss, illness, grief, suffering or trial such that…

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It’s a real drag that most women’s assumptions about their bodies run on only two channels: either positive or negative. Positive thoughts go something like this: Boy, I look great today, I’m really thin, That new wrinkle cream makes me appear years younger, You can hardly see my cellulite when my weight is down, I love how slim this dress makes me look. Negative thoughts go like: who am I kidding—we all know too well the evil thoughts about our bodies. It seems we’re either at one extreme or the other. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply take our bodies for granted in a healthy way (like most men do) and stop living our lives around how they look to us and others?

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Umm, no.  Not in the context that you mean.

That unfortunately was a direct quote from a prominent politician’s wife.  When I read it, I was incensed.  This woman had somehow went from a Harvard law educated dynamo who sat on boards to changing the perception of her life to "fit the mold."  In a magazine interview, she tells how long she exercises and gives the details of her parenting style.  In one stroke of a paintbrush, she is reinvented.  Cue the Tammy Wynette…(Stand by Your Man, come on, I’m not that old).

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When anxiety strikes, it may feel natural to get caught up in the “what ifs” of the future. Unfortunately, those “what ifs” can also drive you to eat or distract yourself with obsessing about food and weight. Rather than abuse food to deal with your angst, why not learn an easy technique that will calm you down and help you sail through difficult circumstances which ordinarily might upset you.

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Hi! Okay, so I know that I have taken a long time to get back with you regarding the topic of "Recovered" vs. "In Recovery." (Sorry about that!) I think the article I just finished writing below will explain why. Enjoy! And, as always, please let me know your thoughts!



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