Linda Moran, moderator of the Diet Survivors message board at, often reminds members that some folks can diet and lose weight more or less permanently—the 5% of dieters who are successful and make everyone else feel like failures. They have simpler food-related issues than the multitude who have complications. In fact, some folks have eating problems, others have weight problems, and others have eating and weight problems.


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I am sitting in an airport right now — headed home to Texas for Thanksgiving. I am very excited about seeing my parents, brothers, sister-in-law, and two little nephews! (There is just nothing better than being an aunt.) These days, the holidays are all about the people rather than the food. This is yet another gift of recovery. If you are experiencing fear or anxiety about tomorrow’s events, I encourage you to visit the National…

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I’m just back from a great conference, which I’ll be telling you more about. But first let me tell you about Jane Fonda’s keynote speech. Fonda brought many eating disorder professionals, including me, to tears with the story of her recovery from an eating disorder during her keynote presentation at the Renfrew Center Foundation Conference for Professionals last week in Philadelphia. At times reading from her candid 2006 memoir My Life So Far, Fonda told…

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On occasion when I’m dining with people and happen to be eating something nutritious such as salad, brown rice or a plate of veggies, someone will tut tut about what a terrible hardship it must be to eat healthily all the time. Huh? Generally, I first correct them and tell them that every morsel of food that enters my mouth is by no means super nutritious. Then I (tactfully) ask where they got the erroneous idea that treating your body to wholesome food is some kind of hardship. This is one of those times I recognize right off that someone else’s words are more about them than about me. 

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To break old, ingrained habits you must remain aware. Using a few words to click on that light bulb can go a long way toward helping you make conscious decisions around food. How many times have you said to yourself, If only I’d realized what I was doing when I grabbed for that Dove bar? or I snarfed down three rolls before I even knew I was eating! Conjuring up a few magic words can stop you dead in your tracks and give you pause to think.

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It never ceases to fail. It seems that we have picked out the "best" physical traits in people and wish for them to be our own.  The owner of these traits don't have the "perfect" lives that we seek, but that somehow does not yet stop us from embarking on a quest to attain them.

There is a new train of thought that youth is forever within one's grasp if you work hard enough; and this has been personified by Madonna, Jamie Lee Curtis(see comments), Tina Turner, Diane Lane, Cher and Jane Fonda. The definition of youth is being pushed further back until one is eligible for Social Security.

Goldie Hawn's character espouses this belief in the "First Wives Club."  One of her funnier lines occurs when she realizes that she is having trouble finding work because she is an actress of a "certain age," and has been offered a part for an older woman and not the traditional ingenue roles:

"My own age? No no.  You don't understand.  There are only three ages for women in Hollywood.  Babe, District Attorney, and Driving Ms. Daisy.  And right now, I want to be young, science-fiction young."

When it comes to hair, styles may come and go but they leave their mark on society.  There is the Farrah, the Rachel and the bob cut which makes a comeback every couple of years. 

Due to the miracle of plastic and reconstructive surgery, breasts, noses, ears, lips, tummies and hips can be altered to the size of preference.  Think that this doesn't affect the minority population?  Think again.  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the numbers of ethnic minorities receiving cosmetic procedures is growing.  This trend is also trickling down and affecting younger populations. 

Download cosmetic_surgery_20_to_39.pdf

 Download cosmetic_surgery_13_to_19.pdf

Download cosmetic_surgery_and_ethnic_patients.pdf

Download plastic_surgery_statistics.pdf


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The concept of gratitude is much in vogue, but it doesn’t sit right with me. I hear clients express how grateful they are for good things that happen to them. In fact, many feel gratitude for practically everything positive that comes their way. The dictionary defines gratitude as, “A kindly feeling because of a favor received, ”and favor as, “A kindness.” Nothing hinky there, but I’m left feeling that the word has come to mean getting something you’re not completely sure you deserve. 


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Dear Readers,                 Since one of us grew up there, we feel we have the right to say that California is a strange place. It’s on the cutting edge when it comes to environmental and energy issues, and is the hotbed of the so-called liberal elite. But it is also the state that elected both Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and just passed a ballot proposition reversing the legality of same-sex marriage. The latest salvo in…

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I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about crying. Such an important, misunderstood, under-rated function. Crying, what a hot button for young and old, men and women. The word itself might make you want to stop reading this minute and go change the cat litter or get a jump on doing your taxes. Crying has that kind of power. Too bad it’s gotten such a bum rap when it’s just the activity that might stop you from abusing food.

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Hi everyone! My colleague, Kate Taylor, has a great new book out. I highly encourage you to read Going Hungry (, which is an anthology of 19 essays written by eating disorder survivors. One of the essayists is Latria Graham, who you might have read about in my article in the October issue of CosmoGIRL! Kate, Latria, and the other writers have an important message for everyone. This book is a must-read! For more information…

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