Can I ever say enough about how misguided rebellion shapes our eating in self-destructive ways? Too many disregulated eaters consider a rebellious attitude an attribute and are proud of their defiance and stubbornness. Flaunting the norm may promote entrepreneurship or creativity, but it has no place in the eating arena. Au contraire, it’s one of the major causes of unwanted eating.

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I’ve been thinking about love. Not romantic love. Self-love. I hate to sound simplistic, but if we love something, we lavish caring on it and if we don’t, well, we it neglect or misuse it. Of course, there are gradients between treating yourself well and poorly, but if you love yourself wholeheartedly, you can’t continue to have a destructive relationship with food because self-love and self-trashing are mutually exclusive.

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Hi! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. I am having fun with my family in Texas. I hope you are having fun wherever you are today. I wanted to include a holiday article that I wrote a couple years ago. Enjoy! Best, Jenni Hugs, Humor, and the Holidays: Surviving the Season by Jenni Schaefer Hugging and saying goodbye go hand in hand (or arm in arm). We even hug people we don’t…

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There’s a saying I once heard that goes something like this: We can’t fully evaluate the meaning of life events in the present, but must wait until its end to understand them. I vaguely recall that the concept had something to do with Western versus Eastern philosophy. The idea is that we get so caught up with what’s wrong with us and how to fix it right now, that we become engulfed by hopelessness and despair rather than take the long view of self-transformation to see where it will lead us.

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Jet Magazine is a weekly periodical published by Johnson Publications, the same publishers of Ebony Magazine. Each week, a young lady vies for the opportunity to be selected as the "Jet Beauty of the Week."  Qualifications, you may ask?  Taken from the their website's FAQ (with deletion of submission address): How do I become a Jet Beauty of the Week?Submit two current photographs of yourself, preferably in a two-piece bathing suit, taken against a plain background with…

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What is a teacher? I’ll tell you: it isn’t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows.                                                                    -Paolo Coelho This quote is perhaps the essence of what…

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In the scary world of the supernatural, shape-shifters are entities which transform themselves from one thing to another. Shame can circle through life the same way: as soon as you get one aspect of self under control and start to feel proud, up pops another behavior that generates shame and brings you down. Shame-shifting won’t stop until you recognize that shame manifests what you basically feel/think about yourself.

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I hope you guys are having a great holiday season! I posted an article below that I thought might interest you during this time of year. As always, please post your comments. Thanks for reading! Best, Jenni Will Diets Work in 2009?by Jenni Schaefer In the years past, the month of December was always a time for Ed and I to think about my New Year’s resolutions. I was married to Ed for over twenty…

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Boy, a recent headline offering a celebrity’s take on the holidays has me going. It read: “Family is all we have.” Great perspective for all who have few or no family members alive or who live far away from them. Nice outlook for those who are surrounded by abusive or dysfunctional relatives. This is exactly the kind of misguided sentiment that generates unhealthy thinking, feeling and behavior, especially this time of the year, and drives people into potentially self-destructive eating situations.

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As many of you already realize, one of the reasons you don’t consistently engage in behavior which will help you reach your eating or weight goals is that you don’t follow through with intentions–activities you want to do, successes you wish to achieve, goals you desire to reach. Some of you have difficulty establishing intentions, while others set, then forget, about them or allow themselves to be derailed.

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