True – the campaign to end the crisis of distorted self image among women – is a partnership between Remuda Ranch and FINDINGbalance. (My friend, Constance Rhodes, is the Founder of FINDINGbalance.) Here is a message from Constance: —"Right now, we are doing something called “true:shift” – challenging women to “shift” the $80 Billion we spend each year on appearance related items to end worldwide hunger. Those who sign up to become a monthly sponsor…

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Safe to say that most of us have a typical eating schedule whether we realize it or not.  Hopefully, it’s an intentional, mindful pattern, but it may also develop without much thought—when the ice cream truck rings its bell or when you stroll by Starbucks. Do you set your own schedule with an eye toward hunger, health, and satisfaction, or have you simply fallen into eating at certain times, well, just because? The answer to this question may help determine your weight.

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Steadfast benevolence, sustained by the wisdom that anything other than benevolence is painful, protects the mind from all other afflictions. Sylvia Borstein, “Happiness is an Inside Job”   Life is an ongoing series of events and circumstance to which we must respond. And it is our response to these events that influences our mental and physical states. If we are able to respond with benevolence and positive energy we will be the happiest and most…

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If you haven't heard, Lindsey Hall, well-known author and co-owner of Gürze Books, has taken over as the managing editor of their quarterly newsletter for families and individuals in recovery. Her first official act was to change the name to Eating Disorders Recovery Today to emphasize that the articles, poetry, and artwork are specifically about recovery and its unique challenges. This is always an inspiring 16-pages of support! And Lindsey is putting her heart and…

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A Los Angeles Times article confirms what research has been saying for decades. In “In War on Waist, Any Diet’s A Winner,” writer Shari Roan talks about the diet wars and which diet comes out on top, then concludes (the envelope, please) that the answer is “any diet.” The article’s take away message—that it doesn’t matter what you call your eating as long as it reduces calories. No surprises there.

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I have a beautiful pet cockatiel (small parrot-like bird) named Pearl. Pearl is also very aware that she is beautiful. In fact, she is aware of a lot of things that seem to come naturally to her, but which I have often struggled with.

In that way, she is almost like the poster-bird for recovery. So I thought it was high time I stopped hogging all her wisdom to myself, and started sharing some of it with you!

Lesson One: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder (and in Pearl's eyes, she is a perfect '10')

The moment Pearl wakes up in the morning, she wants me to take her into the bathroom. Why? Because she wants to wish herself good morning.

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Happy Monday! I hope you are ready for the week ahead. I want to share a piece I wrote about letting go. Throughout this week, let's all try to hold onto the idea of letting go. If we do, I'll bet the week will go a lot more smoothly. I have already mentioned that I wrote too much for my new book, Goodbye Ed, Hello Me: Recover from Your Eating Disorder and Fall in Love…

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So many troubled eaters suffer from excessive guilt, about eating and other behaviors. If you are overwhelmed with guilt when you think you’ve done something wrong, consider replacing it with regret. In fact, what you feel, more often than not, actually may be regret and not guilt to begin with.

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Dear Readers,                 What are parents to do when they're pretty sure their child has an eating disorder yet all lab tests and the usual medical markers of health come back within normal ranges?                 This is a situation that Marcia sees a lot, most recently in the case of a young college-aged patient. The student reported that although she knew she had an eating disorder, she was told by her doctor that her labs,…

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Susan Boyle wowed a doubtful crowd recently on Britain's got talent.  If you're one of the few people who hasn't seen it, take a look. Never been married, never been kissed.  First glances and people doubt her, as she does not fit the "image." People laugh at her hair, dress, age, makeup…that is, until she sings.  She then becomes proof that belief in one's dreams can defy all.  Believe in yourself today (and everyday).  Dare to…

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