I was talking with a friend over dinner one night about how
she and I were proof that enduring change around food really does
happen. She and I were serious binge-eaters earlier in our lives, decades ago.
She even wrote about her food excesses in a national women’s magazine! Now in
our 50s and 60s, we’re radically different people than we were in our
food-hazed days. We eat mindfully and enjoyably, with attention and care. Our
wild and crazy eating life is long gone—we have changed our brains permanently!

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As a new feature, I will be occasioning reviewing magazines.  In recent months, I have been actually surprised at the changing landscape of magazines.  Old standards that formerly would have been avoided have actually turned a new page, while others have worsened over time.  Stay tuned…this is going to be a fun ride. When looking at magazines, we must understand that editors are making the key assumptions that: We do not like our bodies, jobs, or…

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Keeping in mind that some 50-70% of our weight may be
genetically predetermined (Rethinking Thin—The New Science of Weight Loss
and the Myths and Realities of Dieting
, Kolata, 2007), survey studies
identify that a number of behaviors slim people do that keep them that way.
Although I could quibble with one or two findings, the point is that biology is
not destiny and that there are folks with some of the most challenging
weight-related DNA on the planet who manage to stabilize weight at a
comfortable level and still enjoy eating and life.

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  President Obama has recently nominated Regina Benjamin, MD, MBA for Surgeon General.  From the buzz this far, there are mixed opinions about this nominee.  Is there concern for her qualifications?  No.  The concern is that she is overweight. There have even been comments and speculations as to her exact dress size. She boasts a devine resume that includes being the current President of the Alabama Medical Association, having been appointed to the board of Florida A…

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A message board (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/foodandfeelings)
member asked me to blog about cravings, compulsions, and addictions. Here's my
take. Over recent decades, scientific research has concluded that brain
chemistry dictates far more of our behavior than we had previously thought.
Alternately, it also stresses that we still retain free will and, fortunately,
that changing behavior can modify brain chemistry.

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One of the my clients made a comment that keeps running
through my head. It goes something like, “I’ve got to stop wearing my wishbone
where my backbone ought to be.” Profound, huh? I couldn’t have said it better.
How many of you spend your life, like the old song says, “wishin’ and hopin’
and thinkin’ and prayin’”? Oh, did I forget eatin’? Conversely, how many of you
stand up for and go after what you really want?

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There are so many pop psychology, heavy duty clinical, and
self-books written nowadays, that I can’t keep up. Most of the time I’m amazed
at what, after 30 years in the field, I still can learn. However, occasionally
I’m horrified by some of these books which can be detrimental to certain kinds
of clients and reinforce their problems, not only with food and weight, but in
other areas as well.

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I just started reading Harriet Brown's new book called Feed Me!: Writers Dish Out About Food, Eating, Weight, and Body Image. I love the book so far! Something that immediately caught my attention is The I-LOVE-MY-BODY Pledge included in the book: I encourage you to read the pledge out loud to yourself. Gain a new perspective on your body: appreciate what it does for you rather than focusing on what it looks like. I just…

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Music is an integral part of our program at Monte Nido & Affiliates because we believe it works well for eating disorder clients. We use songs to awaken, connect, inspire and reflect, and we have music flowing through our treatment centers on a regular basis.  Below are the words to two songs by Kirtana that we used at our Monte Nido alumni retreat this past year. The theme of the retreat was Love, Courage, Hope,…

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