Dear Readers,   It’s been getting a little academic on this blog the past few posts, so we thought we’d lighten it up a bit and talk about a new online eating disorder self-help resource that launched recently. It’s called Iceberg, and you’ll find it online at:   The website originates out of the Marino Therapy center in Dublin, Ireland, which means there are a few stylistic differences you’ll have to get used to, such…

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I highly recommend Dr. David A. Kessler’s new book, THE END
commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration from 1990-7 and writes on
eating and weight from a professional perspective, but also as someone who
struggles with food himself. Some pertinent points from this very enlightening
and readable book.

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When I started out as a therapist, I didn’t think much about
what we call “fear of success.” I believed that the underlying problem—the real
fear—was of failure. Now, thanks to the numerous clients who have educated me
about their issues, I understand that people also suffer from a bona fide fear
of success, a fear that is common among people with eating problems. As a
disregulated eater, it’s crucial that you recognize and deal with the fact that
you actually might be afraid of achieving recovery.

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This is an email I received, therefore I can't take credit for the content. But I will make sure that the message reaches more than just me. It is the perfect conceptualization of the choice we have as women – reality or fantasy. And if we choose reality, we get so much more.  Mermaid or a Whale Recently, in large French city, a poster featuring a young, thin and tan woman appeared in the window…

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Hi everyone! I am doing a cool interview today with Mary Woods. You can listen to the interview live at 3 PM Central or listen later. If you listen live, please call in with a question or two. I'd love to hear from you. Here are the details: The title of the show is "Goodbye Ed, Hello Me." I'll be talking about topics in my new book. Thanks to everyone who has already ordered…

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Most of the time I focus on helping people alter their
beliefs to change their emotions and behaviors, but once in a while I’m
reminded of how the belief/emotion/behavior triad works in other ways. For
example, how behavior can shift emotions, especially when you can’t get
yourself out of the rut of, “I can’t…This is too hard…Life is terrible…No one
cares, etc.” Well, you get the idea—when it really is nearly impossible to talk
yourself out of your stinkin’ thinkin. In that case, if you can’t shift the reality
inside of your head, you will have to shift the reality outside
of it.  Here’s how.

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Dear Readers,     In my last post, the first of a two-parter, I outlined a form of meal-support therapy developed at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital by Dr. Pierre Leichner and his colleagues. This continuation of the post details how the team translated their program into a method that parents could use at home.       Dr. Leichner and his staff then went back to Intensive Treatment Service patients who had successfully recovered using the meal…

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A problem that crops up frequently with clients is what I
call the desires for structure versus freedom. You know, you love the idea of
following a plan, having routine in your life, and establishing goals. That is,
you love them initially, until somewhere down the line, you stop loving
these things and, instead, find them annoying, confining, and overwhelming. You
chafe at the rules and rigidity, quit following the plan, and give up on the
goals. Then sooner or later you yearn for them again—and round and round it

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