American psychologist Abraham Maslow is attributed with
having said, “You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward
into safety.” He wasn’t talking in physical terms, of course, but in emotional
ones. His quote draws a dramatic line in the sand—we either take risks and charge
ahead or hide and remain who we are rather than who we could become. This observation is highly relevant for  moving on
from disregulated eating, particularly at the dawning of a new year. 

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Okay, you made it through the big holiday meal. Now it’s
time to use your curiosity and compassion to review how you did. Because this essential dual mindset is one which disregulated eaters sorely lack, engaging in it
will help you grow healthier emotionally even if you’re unhappy with how you
ate. No matter what happened between you and food on Christmas day, being
objective and kind to yourself will teach you new lessons.

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One of the legs on my Christmas tree stand broke this week while it was being trimmed.  I was devastated.   While this was not what I originally intended to write for the second part of this series, I thought it fit the message.   As I recounted the story to people I laughed (as did they), telling them the tree was infirmed and it wasn't certain if it could be patched or another tree…

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I was interviewed by Heidi Godman on Healhsmart, ABC-TV7/Sarasota on 12/21/09 discussing the Do's and Don'ts of holiday eating. Here's the linK: ABC-TV7/Sarasota Holiday Eating Interview. If you can't access the link, go to ABC-TV7/Sarasota, click on Healthsmart, then scroll down to the interview.  Best, Karen R. Koenig 

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Just as Santa checks his list once and then again, you‘ll
need to go over some things to make sure you’re ready for Christmas day eating (whether
you celebrate the holiday or simply enjoy an occasion getting together with
friends and family) because preparation for challenges is one-third of a
successful process. Another third is follow through and the final third is a post-eating
assessment which we’ll get to next week. For now, your job is to focus on how
you want to think and act around food on Christmas.

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While at the bookstore, I saw a book titled, "The Worst Case Survival Handbook."  In full disclosure, I've never read the book and cannot recommend it, but I liked the title.  It also provides teachable moments. As we move in life, the unexpected does happen.  When these unexpected events occur, often times we feel ourselves knocked for a loop and shaken.  Instead of getting up and planting our feet, we get on the haunted ride…

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