Other than for work, since my recovery from binge-eating
disorder and chronic dieting in the first half of my life, I really don’t like discussing
food and weight very much. Maybe I hear enough about it from clients, but I
think the rub is that food and eating, for the most part, are personal and
individual subjects and not all that interesting. Does anyone really care what
I ate for breakfast yesterday? Do I really care (other than professionally)
what someone might eat at a dinner party tomorrow? Not so much.

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I want to share with you (below) a piece I wrote for NEDAwareness Week: IT'S TIME TO TALK ABOUT IT by Jenni Schaefer A woman binges and purges each night, yet no one-not even her husband of twenty years-knows. A high school student runs himself to exhaustion daily at track practice, but his coach doesn't suspect how dangerous his routine really is. A ten-year-old girl throws away her lunch everyday at school, and her mom…

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One of the reasons clients have difficulty eating nutritious
food is that it feels as if they’re dieting. Instead of thinking, “Hey, this is
a yummy, healthful food for me to nourish my body,” they grumble inside about
being stuck eating something low-cal or low-fat—again. You can see how
this mindset would prevent you from making wise choices. Of course, you can’t
change the eating until you change the beliefs behind it.

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I'm so excited for NEDAW to arrive.  For many across the country, plans that have been in the making for months will come to fruition.  This is the official week that the National Eating Disorders Association has set aside for multiple activities.  These include eating disorder screenings, inviting speakers to discuss the impact of eating disorders, talking about the role that food and body image play in your life and most importantly helping those who…

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Members have been talking a great deal about what it takes
to struggle in the moment to resist unwanted eating on my Food and Feelings
message board (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/foodandfeelings).
There’s no easy formula that will make it happen, but understanding why you
fail to struggle, struggle harder, or struggle until your rational self beats
out disordered thinking will help you make better decisions.

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I don’t think I’ve blogged about weight-loss surgery before,
or at least not in a long while, and I’m not sure why. Perhaps because I don’t
have extensive medical knowledge about it. What I do have is experience with
clients who have had bariatric surgery, but who still sought me out to resolve
post-surgery eating problems. Although I’m not totally against it, I believe it should
be an intervention of final resort. Here’s why.

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