A while ago, a client asked me what I thought about whether
or not sugar is addictive, and I said I wasn’t sure. Then I read yet another article about sugar which said that it hadn’t been
proven addictive. A confusing issue, one which has a direct impact on our
thinking, and often our behavior, around sugar-laden foods. I blog on this subject to help you decide how you want to make choices about them.

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If you binge-eat, it may be due to your emotional rigidity.
You believe there’s an absolute right or wrong way to do things, hold yourself
to ridiculously high standards, and strive relentlessly for perfection. You
find it difficult to recognize or exist in a gray area or see a middle ground
in most aspects of life. You lack the flexibility and fluidity that enables you
to bend with the wind and roll with the tide. What you often seek in binge-eating
is release of inner tension, pure and simple.

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I took a workshop in Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) which is
designed to put the past behind you, especially if you’re a trauma survivor.
I’m blogging about RRT to alert you to its existence, not to promote it. After
a one-day seminar, I claim to be neither an expert nor to know enough about it
to say that it is reliable, effective clinical treatment. However, disclaimer
aside, it’s worthwhile to understand the principles behind it.

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I know that I harp alot on eliminating the word
“should"—along with must, ought, have to, and need to—from your vocabulary.
This advice is not fanciful or arbitrary. The use of such words is an
indication of immature thinking, harmful not only to reaching your eating and
weight goals but to your self-image and well-being. Here’s why.

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Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss topics in eating disorders with Dr. Arnold Andersen, not only a world renowed eating disorders specialist, author of several books including Making Weight: A Men's Guide to Problems with Food, Weight and Shape; Eating Disorders: Guide to Medical Care and Complications and Males with Eating Disorders, but a fellow University of Iowa colleague and mentor.    LM:  In the past few years, there have been more men coming forward to…

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In any field it is important to know what the reliable sources of information are. I am glad to report that the following are excellent national organizations that provide trustworthy information to the public and to professionals about eating disorders.   Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) 6728 Old McLean Village Drive McLean, VA 22101 (703) 556-9222 I am a proud member of this organization. AED promotes effective treatment and prevention initiatives, and stimulates research and…

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I know that some of you are having quite a time wrenching
yourselves away from dieting. You may desperately want to lose weight quickly,
feel hopeless that “normal” eating will ever get you there, be scared to trust
yourselves, or not want to put in yet more effort to harness your natural
appetite in order to manage your weight. Although I’m anti diet, this blog is
for those of you who are struggling to give it up, even as you inch toward
employing the principles of eating more “normally.”

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Many people ask this question daily; with my usual answer is "who knows?" My favorite answer comes from the musical NOR•MAL, "A city in Illinois." Ah, if everything could be so easy. NOR•MAL is the gut wrenching story of a family's struggle to cope with their daughter's eating disorder.  Told through the beauty of song, it is at times humorous, poetic and heartbreaking.  For anyone who wishes to understand eating disorders, has had an eating…

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