Recently I was chatting with a friend who complained that
she was looking to lose weight, but was frustrated that she couldn’t shake off
any more pounds. She reported cutting portions and making healthier food
choices and paying more attention to her appetite. For a moment, there seemed
like little she could do to improve her habits—until she mentioned being
careful during the week, but eating junk food with her boyfriend which he
brought over on the weekend.

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Tell me something good about yourself. Seems that that question is often followed by an awkward, even pregnant pause.   There are the pat answers for job interviews and business, or even things that you tell your friends.  But when alone, what do you tell yourself?   Can you come up with at least 5 responses?  Are they all related to your body?  When the question was first asked did you think of things that…

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One trait that many disregulated eaters have in common is
the desire for the approval of others. Sadly, not receiving this hoped-for
approval can provoke disappointment, frustration, rage—and a whopper of a
binge. While practicing strategies to disconnect internal distress from
unwanted eating, it’s also essential to let go of approval-seeking thoughts and
behavior. Here’s what you can do.

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Recently, I received an interesting email from Lindsay Gooze, who is a student at UCSD. She was assigned to write a narrative about a book and chose Life Without Ed. I am so honored that she chose my book as her inspiration that I wanted to share her story with you below.

Thanks, Lindsay! You are very creative and a great writer.



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It’s not uncommon for people who have suffered emotional,
physical or sexual abuse at the hands of their parents or other primary
caretakers, to allow themselves to be abused in adult relationships. Although
the idea appears to be paradoxical—wouldn’t abuse survivors go out of their way to be
around people who are not abusive?—that is not how things often work
out. Understanding why you’re drawn to or surround yourself with abusive people
will help you unhook from them and from abusing yourself with food.

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"Sometimes the only available transportation is a leap of faith."  Margaret Sheppard Faith is a hard concept to hold on to when someone is in the throes of an eating disorder. It can feel impossible to look on the bright side when you feel stuck in the dark. But faith is a pre-requisite for recovery. Faith is the foundation for the work that is the path to recovery. You must believe that something better is on the other…

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Ever think that there must be another way to work on
Foy-Tornay (Gürze Books, 2010) offers an approach that encourages you to use
creativity to access your innermost thoughts and feelings about your disregulated

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Oprah says she’s seen the light—that diets don’t work, that
punishing herself for being fat and overeating is exactly the wrong thing to
do, that instead of hating her food problems, she needs to value them as a tool
to teach her how to live her best life. Let’s hope that Geneen Roth’s May 12
appearance on Oprah helped switch on the light for Oprah’s entire viewing
audience. And that it also gets Geneen Roth’s newest book, WOMEN, FOOD AND GOD,
read and reread by disregulated eaters everywhere.

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