Everyone needs time off, and I’ll be taking a bit of it from July 2-10. My blogs will resume on Monday, July 12. Readers might want to use this time to check out my blog archives. I’ve posted over 350 blogs since 2007.   Best, Karen www.eatingnormal.com www.squidoo.com/eatnormalnow Visit the message board exclusively devoted to my new book, The Food and Feelings Workbook, at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/foodandfeelings. PLEASE NOTE: I encourage you to comment on my blogs…

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A client made an interesting comment which strikes at the
heart of receiving pleasure, with food or otherwise. We were discussing why she
doesn’t go all out to pursue joy and passion, and she said, “Well, you know,
the price of pleasure is pain.” Ouch! As soon as I heard her response, I knew
this was a core belief that both inhibited her ability to eat “normally” and
prevented her from creating a happier life for herself.

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A major disappointment and frustration for many overweight
clients is working hard to eat “normally” without pounds slipping off quickly
or at all while watching others lose weight more easily. Fortunately, science
is beginning to give us answers to why some people lose weight more effortlessly
than others.

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One of the biggest problems in becoming a “normal” eater is working
at it for a while, then giving up and going back to mindless eating or dieting.
If you stop and start, no wonder you feel as if you aren’t getting very far. No
innate defect is preventing your success, however. Rather, you’re underestimating what you need to do to change.

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Whitney Ladd Post, MA – Athletes and Eating Disorders: The Invisible Victory Whitney Ladd Post, MA, is President and Co-Founder for Eating for Life Alliance, an organization focused on providing educational resources to colleges on the treatment and prevention of eating disorders and body image concerns. As a clinician, she has designed or implemented outpatient treatment for Boston eating disorder programs. As a consultant, she has provided wellness trainings, workshops, and individual coaching to National…

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I’ve been writing about self-regulation for decades, mostly
in the realm of eating—I find the term disregulated more accurate than
disordered, and regulated more accurate than intuitive—but also in terms of
monitoring emotions and behavior. Recently, I’m pleased to see the terms
self-regulation and disregulation cropping up in more and more articles. The
better you understand how to regulate yourself, the better your life will

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