Lucky us! We’re born with the ability to feel and
think, and we need to use both wisely to manage life’s problems and resolve our
eating issues. Some people get stuck in emotions and rarely call upon good
judgment. Others think 'til their brain hurts, but hardly ever experience
authentic emotion. Are you one of these types?

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I cringe mentally when disregulated eaters reinforce their
negative, limiting beliefs over and over, and don't even realize it. The worst offender is the word “can’t,” but many
other words, phrases and ideas deter growth and prevent healthy thinking and
“normal” eating skills from taking hold.

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I want to share one of the responses I received from the interview I did for writer Danielle Friedman on the connection between vegetarianism and veganism and eating disorders. In an email I was asked if I was misquoted (see Friedman's article below): did I really think parents should be discouraging if not outright prohibiting their pre-college aged children from becoming vegetarian or vegan? Here is my response: I was not misquoted, but I think…

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This week I've read interesting articles from the lay and scientific literature about weight loss.  I read about how a woman "magically" jump started her body into weight loss after it had stalled.   I was particularly struck by a story from CNN.  It appeared as part of their Fit Nation series.  What appears to be an inspiring story of the "magic pill" to finally conquer weight backfires.  Does it happen right away?  Of course…

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I now have a YouTube channel, a Facebook fan club page, and am on Twitter. I encourage you all to join my Facebook fan club, especially, and help it get off the ground.  Check me out through the links below:  YouTube Facebook fan club Twitter Best, Karen Normal Eating talks and media events

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Here’s a piece of wisdom which really resonates: You can
only move ahead as fast as the slowest part of you can go. It was said by a
friend struggling with a thorny personal decision who heard it from her
therapist and I’m happy to pass it on. Try reading the statement again and let
it sink in before continuing with this blog.

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I had to travel for a quick work trip a few months ago; I left for Atlanta at 5:30 AM and returned at 5:30 PM.  I had never done a day trip like this, and I both dreaded it and was excited by it.  Learning to travel effectively, efficiently, and sanely for business is something that has taken me a while to figure out. Learning how to function in that world in general has been…

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One of my goals as a therapist is to help clients unearth childhood
memories so they can better understand themselves in the present. With other
clients, especially those who’ve experienced trauma, my goal is to help them
let go of powerful, hurtful memories. My focus depends on where they are in the
emotional healing process

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Hi all, In my time away from the blog, I've been pretty busy!  I've seen been advocating for the Eating Disorders Coalition and even got my Congressman Dave Loebsack to sign on as a co-sponsor of the FREED Act.  It takes a lot of calls and following up but it can be done!  I urge everyone to learn about the Federal Response to Eliminate Eating Disorders H.R. 1193 (Senate version S 3260) today.  The aim…

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