One of the tendencies of people with eating disorders is to
constantly evaluate how they’re doing—not only with eating, but in many aspects
of life. Whenever clients frequently comment that they’re “doing good” or “had
a bad week,” I know that they likely need to back off from a harmful habit of

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Anorexia Nervosa: A Life Without a Choice One of my patients answered this question in a very articulate paper she wrote for an AP English class. "You don’t ask for cancer, and you certainly wouldn’t decide one day to change your lifestyle, turn over a new leaf, and journey down a new path by contracting AIDS. So why, then, does the world insist upon labeling Anorexia Nervosa as a lifestyle choice and inflict condescension upon…

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Love your body day should be everyday, but it's scheduled for October 22-24 in West Hollywood.  This year, there's a special buzz in the air.  Thanks to photos featuring America's Next Top Model 2010 Winner Whitney Thompson and Chenese Lewis, America is getting a chance to see what real women look like. Ms. Thompson is the first "plus-sized" or "realistic" model (wearing sizes 12-14) to win the competition.  She is also a spokesperson for the…

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I recently did an interview for SCRUBS–THE NURSES GUIDE TO GOOD LIVING, a website for nurses.   Although the article is targeted to nurses, many of you "nice girls" (and guys!) out there will find the information useful.  You can find the article at Why Nurses Eat Their Stress. Best, Karen

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Where Mindfulness, Science and Psychotherapy Interact Psychotherapist and author, Dan Siegal, brings the concept of mindfulness to a prominent position in psychotherapy in his books, The Mindful Brain, (2007) Mindsight, (2010), and The Mindful Therapist, (2010).  Within these seminal works Siegal describes how mindfulness practices and neuroscience interact and affect the brain, the mind and relationships.  Mindfulness practices train the mind and, by stimulating the growth of neurons and fibers, actually thicken, and seemingly strengthen,…

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The other day I had an event for work.  Events always feel reminiscent of athletic competitions for me.   They are a lot of work leading up to a single moment of performance. So many pieces must come together for them to be successful.  Then you have to be on that day–to speak, present, make sure everything runs smoothly–and inevitably there are one or two instances where 16 people are calling you or needing you to…

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Everyone needs time off, and I’ll be taking a bit of it from August 22-29. My blogs will resume on Monday, August 30. Readers might want to use this time to check out my blog archives. I’ve posted almost 400 blogs since 2007. Best, Karen Visit my message boards— and PLEASE NOTE: I encourage you to comment on my blogs and will do my best to address topics/questions…

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Of interest is a Sarasota Herald-Tribune
article (9/16/08) about black Americans being targeted by advertisers to eat
less healthy foods than white Americans. Unfortunately, the article was intended
for my “Blog” folder, but ended up somewhere else until I recently discovered
it. Hence, my blogging about it two years late! My apologies.

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Is FAT a feeling?  I have heard people say it a thousand times, myself included; “I FEEL FAT!”  So it must be true?  Yet it is the therapist’s job to remind clients that fat is not actually a feeling- no dictionary will tell you differently.  Fat occupies the realm of physical matter, and is not an emotion.  So after many years of experience sitting in fat feelings and deconstructing the experience for others- I would…

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