There's still time to sign up for tonight's teleseminar and hear me and other experts share our insights and knowledge about eating and weight issues–childhood and adult obesity, addictions (alcohol, substance abuse), eating disorders, and recovery.  Please join me at 6p/PST, 8p/CST and 9p/EST for a FREE Teleseminar:  CELEBRATE RECOVERY. For more information or to RSVP, visit Teleseminar or register on Facebook .Best, Karen R. Koenig, LCSW, M.Ed.

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Walking into a shop, I saw a sign for its new "guilt-free" items.  Taken aback, I didn't realize I was supposed to feel guilty about lunch.  I wouldn't have felt any guilt about the regular items if I had chosen them and the "guilt-free" items weren't particularly palatable.  This called to mind Jenni Schaefer eloquently referring to this real societal pressure as "Societal Ed" in her book Goodbye Ed, Hello Me. I don't believe in…

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Many disregulated eaters long for inclusion. They are
lonely, by themselves and even with others, but also feel social anxiety. So
they eat—at home by their lonesome or in social situations—which only makes
them feel more estranged from others and more of an outsider. And more
convinced that they’ll never belong anywhere or with anyone.

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Please join me on September 30, 2010 at 6p/PST, 8p/CST and 9p/EST for a FREE Teleseminar:  CELEBRATE RECOVERY. Special Guest Experts will discuss the interesting and challenging questions about childhood and adult obesity, addictions (alcohol, substance abuse), eating disorders, and recovery. I will be on a panel of experts talking about the causes of obesity and overweight and how to turn around your eating for good. For more information about the upcoming Teleseminar or to…

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When I read this quote by Irish playwright
Samuel Beckett, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again.
Fail better,” I was struck by the power of his words. Though few, they tell an
inspiring story. Reading them carefully, you’ll see that the only word missing
is the conclusion of the story: “succeed.”

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Often I speak with clients who are beginning to make food
choices which feel right to them, except that they’re severely self-conscious
and uncomfortable about them. If this happens to you, it’s important to learn
how to stand up for your food decisions and not cave to external pressure, real
or perceived. Remember, if you’re not eating foods you enjoy, you’re going to
have a heap of trouble following the rules of “normal” eating.

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Here’s the link to a short online interview with me talking about compulsive and emotional eating:  Karen’s interview. If you can’t access the interview that way, here’s the website, hosted by Lynn Scott: Healthy Eating Support.

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A few weeks ago Nicola, one of our blog readers, asked for advice on how to use each step of the Stages of Change approach to help her overcome her eating disorder. Nicola's question is poignant, as she does not have support from family or friends.   Just to review: It is normal to move up and down through the stages of change even over the course of few hours. You may be on stage…

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