I recently read a scathing blog on the topic of obesity by Marie Claire blogger, Maura Kelly.  When asked by her editor what she thought of the television show "Mike and Molly," that features overweight people having a love life, she penned a blog titled Should "Fatties" Get a Room? (Even on TV?). In this blog, Ms. Kelly expressed many views that were felt highly offensive, insensitive and unfounded.  Quickly causing a stir, her comments were…

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I bet most of you don’t believe in ghosts and goblins. If someone were having a conversation with one, you’d probably roll your eyes and wonder what was wrong with them. But having interactions with something that isn’t real is exactly what you do every time you engage with irrational thoughts about food, eating, and weight.

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If you’re an overeater or a binge-eater who’s learning the rules of “normal” eating, you may be a little worried about missing out on the pleasure of eating. In fact, it may be so difficult for you to conceive of not eating foods you love the way you do now that you end up eating more of them just to prove you can have them. Looking for something to “get” in return for “giving up” pleasure? Read on.

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A reader of our blog recently asked : How do you know when you are ready to decide that you want to change and get better? For most people it is one step at a time. Remember you can always change your mind and revert to your old ways of managing. One thing you could do as a first step is to take an additional day off from working out WITHOUT restriciting your food intake.…

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