Not a week goes by when I don’t hear clients complain about feeling stuck in improving their eating habits or making other changes in their lives. The truth is, there is no such psychological state as stuckness. Rather, stuckness is the negative perception of a state between inaction and action or between an action taken and a potential action.

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I'll let you into a secret about the way that doctors often think.  If we didn't see it, then unless it was something of a particularly grave nature, we question if it occurred.  You may hear us discuss, "the patient reports" or "the patient states that" versus "the patient had a recorded/witnessed _________."   I love our scientific method, but it is slow moving.  If a doctor finds something new or noteworthy, they may write…

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    As part of a professional team, I've been teaching a 12-week workshop called "Beyond the Scale," which is being covered weekly by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.  We have our own Facebook page which we're trying to popularize and to do so, we're asking people we know who are on Facebook to go to the link at Facebook – Beyond the Scale and click on "Like" by Monday 1/31/11.  That's all there is to it.    If you'd…

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We believe we’re lovable or unlovable based on our early experiences with people, primarily our parents. If they cared for us lovingly, we come to believe we’re lovable. If, due to their own limitations, they didn’t love us well, we may end up believing we’re unlovable. The whole lovability concept is that simple. Don’t believe me? Read on.

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Many of you probably know about Dr. Anne Becker’s original Fiji Study – about how she traces the effects of tv and Western culture on Fijian women in the late 90’s. In short, the study shows that there is a direct correlation between what a woman views in the media and how she subsequently views herself. Prior to the introduction of television in Fiji, and with it such shows as Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place, gaining weight was revered and admirable while being viewed as skinny was an insult. After such shows found their place there, Fijian women began lamenting their robust figures and exhaulting the slender ones modeled for them on television. This study alone was enough to cause concern about how culture can influence our ideas about weight, body and ultimately self worth.

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Clients often complain that they feel overwhelmed without really knowing what the word means. What do you actually mean when you say you’re “overwhelmed? More importantly, what can you do to feel better or change the situation?

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