Ever wonder how your treaters view working with you as a troubled eater? This topic came up at a workshop I taught last week for the Mountain Area Health Education Center and the Center for Disordered Eating in Asheville, NC. Here are some of participants’ sentiments, which are representative of clinicians in general.

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A message board member (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/foodandfeelings) asked me to blog about chronic illness and eating. Chronic illness is stressful—intermittent or ongoing pain, medication protocols, doctors’ visits, unexpected reoccurrences, indeterminate remissions, and lifestyle limitations that make "normal" eating difficult due to lack of exercise from pain or limited mobility, being home a great deal surrounded by food, increased depression, and using food for comfort or to reward yourself.

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As a kid I was super shy.  If you stuck me on the soccer field, I would run right back to the sidelines like a wind-up toy.   I was reserved, quiet, and not very aggressive at all.  When I was two years old, Timmy Lindberg took my toys and pinched me for a full afternoon before I quietly leaned over and bit his leg.  Apparently, some sort of hardiness was in there; I just kept…

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