An interesting article in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune (“Marriages can suffer after bariatric procedures,” 9/6/11) tells us that, contrary to what we might think about weight loss strengthening marriage or a romantic partnership, it actually can cause marital tension and discord instead. Here’s the scoop.

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The day following a holiday feast or any major food event deserves a blog promoting reflection. Print this one out and save it to read after every occasion when you’re eating outside your routine. It will help you reflect on your progress with “normal” eating skills. Better yet, it will remind you of the nonjudgmental mindset needed to continue recovery.

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A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues.  ~Cicero Thanksgiving can either be something to face with fear and anxiety, or it can be a day to remember all with which we are blessed. We can be thankful for the light because we have seen the dark. May you all have a day filled with love, laughter and gratitude. May your hearts overflow with thankfulness. And may…

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I’m delighted to be blogging about BODY SHOTS: HOLLYWOOD AND THE CULTURE OF EATING DISORDERS, a new book by my colleague Emily Fox-Kales. Among her numerous professional achievements, she is the executive director of Feeding Ourselves (, a Massachusetts program that teaches troubled eaters to stop obsessing about weight and become “normal” eaters. 

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