I have clients who’re making real progress in their lives—they used to do “A” around food or people and are now doing “B”—yet still tell me they’re “trying” and “learning,” while I’d call what they’re doing succeeding. Do you understand the difference? When do you stop saying you’re trying or learning and start saying you’re succeeding? Not that there’s anything wrong with “trying” or “learning,” but the goal is success.

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I’m giving you fair warning that I’m on a bit of a rant here about body image. How is it that so many of you bright, capable, clever, terrific folks won’t stop obsessing about your weight and keep choosing to make it the arbiter of your worth and lovability? If you must focus on weight, studies show that folks who shed pounds that stay shed do so through having fitness and health, not weight, as their goals.

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I rarely blog on weight loss because obsession with a number on the scale or clothing size is unhealthy, and a goal of shedding pounds is not as effective in changing eating habits as a focus on fitness and health. However, many of you still struggle with whether or not to diet and may need a bit more convincing that diets really don’t work long term.

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Holidays are supposed to be happy times, so why do so many people get stressed and depressed? Some reasons include: expectations of how it's supposed to be, strained family relationships, not having a loved one, not enough time to do all the holiday stuff, money troubles and food fears. Every situation is different, but it’s all in one’s attitude as to how one makes it through difficulty and stress. When the holidays turn into something to “get…

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