Clients tell me they often wish not to care what people think of them. I’ve wished it many times myself! But it occurred to me the other day as I watched some people who should know better behaving badly that not caring what others think of us isn’t always a worthy goal after all. As usual, the subject is somewhat complicated.

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We know it’s important to learn effective stress management to feel and be healthier. When you don’t take things personally, are okay with imperfection, take better care of yourself, have more fun, and effectively can chill out and unwind, you’re less likely to pursue non-hunger eating. Need another reason to reduce stress? Read on.

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One of the saddest things that having an eating problem can do is to con you into believing that it’s the main thing that’s wrong with you. The fact is that even if you had a peachy relationship with food, you’d still have areas of your life that need improvement. Ironically, if you were to put more effort into these areas of self-growth and skill learning, I guarantee that your eating difficulties would decrease.

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Sometimes I can just tell when clients are about to make a big change before they actually do. This was the case with a client I work with who recently mentioned that she was plum tired of thinking of herself as a “struggling dieter” or a “binge-eater.” She said that she just wanted to be a normal person who had normal people’s problems. 

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