As of 2013, BMI below 18.5 is the new diagnostic guideline for anorexia nervosa. I would hope we don’t want to require models to be at weight that is of anorexia nervosa, a life threatening condition with high mortality.

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Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you know that my memoir, Something Spectacular, is being released online tomorrow! It will be in stores the first week of June 🙂  

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SOMEONE TO TALK TO: FINDING PEACE, PURPOSE, AND JOY AFTER TRAGEDY AND LOSS by Samantha M. White, LICSW, is the story about overcoming trauma, loss and psychic pain. Though the book is not about eating, food or weight, if you are a disregulated eater who is trying to fully heal from deep emotional wounds, this memoir gives you a recipe for getting from here to there and will speed you on your journey.

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So often I hear patients in early recovery questioning whether it is really working because they don't feel better already. They share their discouragement about how they are working really hard and discuss just how hard it is to not engage in their eating disorder. The first thing I usually ask is how long have they been working on their recovery versus the length of time being in the eating disorder. The answer is usually…

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Raise your hand if you know what a phytochemical is! I didn’t know the half of it until I read Fat-Phyting Phytochemicals (Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 3/27/12). No, I’m not encouraging you to focus on weight loss. The neat thing about phytochemicals is that they keep you healthy and, as a byproduct, may help you lose weight.

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When I moved from Massachusetts to Florida, I sought out new connections with individuals and groups. Casting a wide net, I let intuition draw me to this or that person or organization. Over time, I culled my connections by following my interests and instincts, and by deciding which of them enhanced my physical and emotional well-being. 

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