It’s a seeming paradox that
disregulated eaters may feel dissatisfied with a meal, then later engage in
binge-eating. Examining this behavior, however, helps it make sense, as all
behavior does in some way. Remember that even when you’re dissatisfied with
food, you still can be satisfied with your actions around it.

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Why is it so much easier for one to internalize messages from society than to realize that one is good enough? Body hatred seems to be the go-to coping mechanism to distract many from their "truths" about who they think they are. Of course, there is a mutlitude of underlying issues as we all know–I am not going to go into all of that in this post. I've just been thinking a lot about the…

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An article about changing the brain
(The brain set free by Laura Sanders,
SCIENCE NEWS, 8/11/12) offers more evidence for some of my most persistent
advice: If you want to eat differently, you must
keep practicing new behaviors. You can’t just do something a few times and
decide you’re a failure. Practice changes your brain.

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Disregulated eaters often don’t
know how to gauge progress when they give up the diet mentality and begin
following the rules of “normal” eating. Due to your all-or-nothing thinking, my
guess is that you may ignore meaningful markers of recovery, one of which is
eating healthfully much or most of the time while still occasionally bingeing.
Learning to view your eating in an objective, balanced way, will help you keep
moving forward.

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Most disregulated eaters are
triggered to abuse food or their bodies during their “down” times, viewing them
scarily and negatively and wishing them away. For this reason, therapist Thomas
THROUGH LIFE’S ORDEALS, could not be more relevant. Though I’m a secular person
who doesn’t believe we have souls, there’s little else I disagree with in this
thoughtful, uplifting book and much to recommend. Rather than summarize it, I
offer samples in his own words of Moore’s considerable wisdom about “dark
nights” which you can immediately start to mull over and apply to your life. 

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