In Part 1 on this topic, I described
the benefits of feeling free to roam your inner world. Tis true, there’s
nothing like it, but it does not come naturally to most of us. To gain this
freedom, we have to unchain ourselves from the past and from mistaken beliefs
that have kept us from traveling the full range of our emotional terrain
without fear. 

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Many disregulated eaters want to believe
it’s healthy to fully experience emotions, but wish they didn’t have to put
themselves through the discomfort. They don’t realize the positive rewards that
come from connecting with feelings, not only with eating, but in life. If they
did, they’d put up with the discomfort for the gifts that would come their way.

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What kind of people shame fat
people? Have you ever thought about it? By understanding why they do what they do, you can let go of the hurt and shame you
feel if it happens to you. Being able to do that will let you put the shame
where it belongs.

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Many disregulated eaters spend
entirely too much time ruminating and talking about their binges and bouts of
overeating. Honestly, think how much energy you waste on an event that is long
gone. In order to recover from eating problems, you’ll have to extract what you
need from the experience and move on almost immediately. Here’s why.

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Carolyn has an amazing tradition (one of many) of sending birthday notes to every client, alum and staff member. She hand picks a special quote for each month to serve as a reminder of the teachings of Monte Nido and the pursuit of meaning and purpose in recovery. One month she chose this quote from The Dalai Lama -  “The purpose of all the major religious traditions is not to construct big temples on the…

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Occasionally I’m asked how I got to
know so much about my work and I usually answer that I’ve been taught well by
those I treat and try to educate. By listening to the deeply (but often mistakenly)
held perceptions of clients, workshop attendees, and Food and Feelings message
members, I get a clearer understanding of what holds them back from greater
emotional health, especially around food and feelings.

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