If you wish to reach your goals
(who doesn’t?), don’t get seduced into making New Year’s resolutions. Why?
Because research says resolutions don’t work. Paradoxically, by not making them, you may be more likely to achieve and maintain your

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I was talking with a client a while
ago who had done a great deal of binge-eating on  vacation. Although I kept asking her about how
she’d enjoyed her trip, she would not stop talking about her awful eating and
how ashamed she was of ruining her vacation. Clearly, we were not experiencing
her binge-eating in the same way.

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Not on, but after Thanksgiving, members of
my Food and
Feelings message board
were struggling with having overeaten. Many ate
fairly “normally” on the holiday itself, only to find themselves bingeing and engaged
in unwanted eating later that night or the next day. If you engaged in
this eating pattern, you can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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It’s time to declare your body’s
independence, especially from your parents. This means confronting their criticisms and unsolicited advice and assuring them that
you’re in charge (even if you don’t feel it). Self-empowerment is the name of
the game.

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Comments by Hilary Wilson Earlier this year I had an experience that brought gratitude to the forefront of my mind and gave me the idea of cultivating an, ‘attitude of gratitude’. While stopped at an intersection, I noticed a homeless man walking with a limp, clearly disheveled, and struggling. He was holding a sign, smiling, and waving at passing cars. On the sign he held was not a plea for money or food, but instead…

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