This month's edition of "Good News for Eating Disorders Recovery" has arrived. I hope you enjoy our inspiring message! "You Were Born to Be You" Each month I wait for new lessons. And each month I get the same lessons again. This (I assume) is because a) these are difficult lessons, b) I really need to learn them, c) I really want to learn them, d) I have built an encouraging and honest support circle…

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I’m grateful that my training as a
therapist focused on understanding motivation, that is, why people say what
they say and do what they do. Understanding motivation is key to having positive
interactions  with people whether talking
about eating or anything else under the sun. After all, the why is as
important as the what.

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Saying no to food when you’re not
hungry may stem from feeling  deprived—wanting
what you believe you can’t have. Most of the time, such deprivation is perception,
not reality. Alter the perception and the deprivation disappears.

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Disregulated eaters often become
victims of their to-do lists. Feeling stressed by what you believe
you have to do, you’re more likely to
turn to food to reduce you’re the pressure you’re experiencing. Here’s how to
get yourself out from under.

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If you do nothing else to improve
your relationship with food, practice mindful eating. C’mon, now, it’s not that difficult to do. Trust me, it will speed your recovery faster than you’d ever
believe. Think: more mindfulness, less food abuse.

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