I am asked often by parents across the country for help in finding a local nutritionist who is an expert in eating disorders. A new organization of which I am a member, the International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians (IFEDD), provides just such a service. Parents and others can go to IFEDD website for a list of nutrition providers in the US and across the world. I also suggest that parents ask their doctor and/or…

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I know what you're thinking. Or I should say, I know what you're thinking if you're anything like me. Ha. As if. Suuuuuure I can love myself. I can probably also cure cancer someday, IF I get a brain transplant and find half a million dollars and go back to school for a decade and don't die of old age before I graduate…. Truthfully, I used to cringe – or worse, completely disconnect – when…

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I love my body and respect it as a vehicle for doing
what I want in life. Carrie Arnold’s blog inspired me to reflect. When I was 20, 30
and 40, I did not love my body. It bothered me greatly. I did not feel at home
in it. The eating disorder illness that developed at age 11 was entrenched and
rampant in my brain. It had ravaged my identity and I had no idea of who I was,
let alone what size or shape my body was meant to be. I was in my late 40s when
a therapist began guiding me to freedom.

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A client recently had a eureka
moment when she realized that she didn’t have an eating problem per se, but a
psycho-emotional one that was driving her food abuse. She felt tremendous
relief in identifying her actual, underlying problem which pointed the way
toward more helpful solutions. Here are some possible problems you might have.

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Disregulated eaters often tell me
that they engage in unwanted eating because they’re unhappy or can’t find
meaning in life, so I was pleased to come upon an article in THE WEEK (2/22/13)
which draws enlightening distinctions between the two. 

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I am excited to share this blog from Don Blackwell, a father and fearless supporter of eating disorder awareness, education, prevention and treatment. You can follow his inspirational, touching, informative musings titled "One Dad's Perspectives on Life, Love, Faith and Hope" on WordPress.   A Little Girl, A BIG Red Balloon and A Radiant Reminder of What Being 'Beautiful" is All About beau·ti·ful [byoo-tuh-fuh l] (adjective) - possessing qualitiesthat give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind. By now you’ve likely seen…

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I went to a terrific lecture on
Mindfulness Meditation, a powerful tool for changing thoughts and feelings,
de-stressing, and becoming emotionally and physically healthy. For those of you
who want a research-driven, evidence-based approach to stress reduction,
reducing disregulated eating, and achieving greater happiness, this is it.

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Many disregulated eaters are stuck
in the past, with much of their energy going into trying to figure out why bad
things happened to them or caused their life to turn out the way it has. While
I’m all for understanding our histories, sometimes there’s work to be done to
move beyond it, especially when it involves people who have caused you harm.

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Recently my dear friend and colleague June Alexander invited me to write a guest post for her blog. The topic? Should recovering and recovered people be allowed – invited even! – to attend eating disorders conferences? As you will read, I have fairly strong thoughts on the correct answer to this question. 🙂 But my personal opinion is just one way to approach this issue and June and I would also love to hear your…

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