This month's edition of Good News for Eating Disorders Recovery is now available. I hope you enjoy the message! 🙂 You WILL Survive Your Own Hard Times The last few months have been….rough. So rough, in fact, that sometimes I can't help but picture the various aspects of my life – health, romance, career, finances – all balled up together in a giggling little group, whispering "hey, what do you think she would do if…

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I will be on vacation and not blogging the week of July first. If you're itching for something to read to keep you focused on healing your food problems, I encourage you to browse through my nearly 700 blogs. Best, Karen R. Koenig

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I’ve written
often on the dangers of disregulated eaters insisting they “must, should, ought,
need, etc.” to do things. These words are prone to kick up a backlash and only
start you fighting with yourself, exactly the wrong strategy when you’re trying
to make healthful food choices. Likewise when people insist you “need” to do
something. Learning how to handle others’ demands will help you make wiser

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The following is Carolyn's response to a recent artcile on the Huffington Post about recovered professionals. The link to the article is included below.  Hi All, So as you know I have been speaking up and writing about the topic of being a RECOVERED therapist  forever…well …. three decades at least. I was grateful that author Catherine Pearson wrote about  the topic of eating disorder therapists with a personal history of an eating disorder. But…

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I hate to break it to you, but
there is no “child within you" or “inner child.” The term has been around for decades,
and I hear it often when talking with clients. If you’re willing to give up
this concept, you can replace it with one that is more constructive and

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Many disregulated
eaters insist they can’t possibly resolve their eating problems without being
confident that they will. Although confidence is touted in generating success,
it can be a red herring. Truth is, you can be confident and still make poor decisions,
as you well know when you consider the times you’ve felt absolutely certain that
you’ll never binge or diet again. So, agreed, confidence is not the key to

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I had a good laugh with a client, a
perfectly capable, highly competent woman, over her telling me she just couldn’t
plan meals ahead. This happens often when clients insist this task is far too
tough for them. Ha! I don’t believe it for a minute.

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