Oh boy. Here we go. I can hear you now. "You have GOT to be kidding…..really? REALLY?!? The "love your body" speech? What happened – did you just totally run out of topic ideas for this month?" But then again, you know (or at least I hope you know) I never write about anything here that I haven't personally experienced. Which must mean….at long last….. Not quite yet. I'm not quite there yet. So technically…

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Clients sometimes get confused when
I encourage them to experience all their emotions, yet unconsciously discourage them from
dwelling on feelings that trickle up unbidden from the past. This advice is a
bit confusing, I admit. So, let me explain.

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If you have read my book, Beating Ana, attended one of my talks, joined MentorCONNECT (the eating disorders mentoring community I founded and now run), read this blog or interacted with me on social media, you  have heard me say this very often – "if I can recover, you can too." But how often do you believe me? Are you still harboring some secret suspicion that that's just one of those things 'recovered people' say?…

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Do you find stories about recovery from Anorexia Nervosa helpful? Certainly, when I was recovering from
Lisa Dawson photo the illness, I found several memoirs very inspiring and they spurred me on the way to freedom. The most exciting revelations that gave me hope were that, hey, I was not alone (there were others who had thoughts like me), I was not ‘mad’ (I had an illness, that’s all) and recovery was indeed possible (this was what I needed to hear – from someone who had been there and understood). Wow. So, I am very grateful to these survivors who have recovered and proceeded to share their stories to help others. My recovery is partly due to them. But are all narratives on Anorexia Nervosa helpful?

 If you have Anorexia Nervosa, PhD candidate at University of Sydney, Lisa Dawson (PICTURED), invites you to participate in a study assessing the benefits of recovery stories.

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Many disregulated eaters who are
heavy have had difficulty talking with medical professionals due to their
treatment of “overweight” patients. We know from anecdotal experience that this
is true, and now a study in the journal Obesity
gives us proof. But don’t despair, you can
learn to get the most out of medical visits.

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I came across a blog, recommended by a friend, and through this blog stumbled upon another blog. Now I have plenty of reading to keep me busy. And a lot of inspirational information to keep me engaged. These two blogs were talking about the concept of Happier Hours. These started as a series of gatherings hosted by author Aidan Donnelley Rowley centered aournd female authors whose work inspires growth. The idea being that we can…

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In the poem that opens "Beating Ana", we are all challenged to commit to doing seven things that are necessary before we will have both the courage and the faith to let go of Ed for good. These seven things are: trust, hope, faith, love, live, triumph and believe. Where are you struggling to integrate one, several, or all of these qualities into your personal recovery practice? And in any places where you may be…

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