You have the right to rest.  Yes, you do. The right to rest is as inalienable as the right to breathe. Animals in the wild spend every second of time they are not feeding, breeding or raising young resting. Why? Because they need it. Because they are tired. Because resting just makes sense. For people too, we need rest. We need rest for our bodies, our brains, our hearts and our spirits. We need rest…

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I got to thinking about greed, need
and eating while reading a novel in which a psychologist character explains to a
patient, “Of course, you were greedy.
You were a child, you’re supposed to be greedy. Parents are there to fill your needs. That’s the whole point of parents.” Do you have
difficulty differentiating need and greed when it comes to food and other
things in life? Do you understand why that is?

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The Internet is fast filling gaps in eating disorder prevention, treatment and recovery. Recovery Record and Proud2Bme will present a concurrent session ‘Building Bridges Not Walls’ at this year’s NEDA Conference. Both are outstanding examples of how technology is helping people everywhere to connect and improve their lives with online support. Presenters Jenna Tregarthen, co-founder of Recovery Record, and Claire Mysko, Proud2Bme manager, describe why their work is important: Recovery Record (Jenna Tregarthen) Recovery Record reinvents traditional paper-based cognitive behavioral therapy self-monitoring with a secure…

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I love using metaphors in writing
and therapy. They’re powerful tools to engage the unconscious mind and change
our thinking without even realizing it’s happening. Fact is, we often think and
self-talk in metaphor without  knowing
it, so we might as well intentionally use ones which are positive and promote transformation.

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While listening to an NPR program
on changing our thoughts about death and dying, one of the experts interviewed encouraged
listeners to become proactive in their lives, wisely admonishing that “hope is
not a plan.” I couldn’t agree more. How often do I hear clients and Food and Feelings message
members express their hopes without strategies to transform them into

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When I attended the NEDA Conference in Minneapolis in 2009 I did not know anyone. I was nervous and excited. Communication online had led to this point – and now suddenly there I was, about to meet people in real life, in person. This was scary. A warm welcome swept all doubts aside as soon as I entered the conference venue. I had been assured I would not be lonely, and I was not. I…

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Disregulated eaters often find that
tips and techniques in managing cravings are as useful as understanding what
drives unwanted eating. We know that our mental attitude affects how we feel in
our bodies and vice versa, but what about our posture?  Could that affect our emotions and actions
around food? Turns out that it might.

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In my book "Beating Ana" I share about two things – 1) how difficult recovery was for me and 2) how worthwhile recovery has been for me. There is no achievement more difficult. And no achievement more satisfying. Truthfully, life is supposed to be difficult. For everybody. That is what it means to be human – everybody struggles, everybody falls. But not everybody triumphs. Triumph, we have to choose. Ed knows this, even if we…

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