It is easy to let the voices get to you. Sometimes the voices come from others. "You will probably always struggle." "We've never seen a case this severe before." "Why can't you just 'get over it'?" Sometimes the voices come from within. "You are such a loser." "There is a reason you are lonely." "Everyone feels sorry for you." To the outer voices, you can say, "You don't know me – you don't know what…

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You may have read the title of this
blog and thought I meant to pair creativity with “cooking” not “bingeing.” But
the way creativity relates to a binge is exactly my focus, because much of what
you get out of it is what you’re seeking in your wild food sprees.

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Why Having Recovered Staff is Important (adapted from, “Been There, Done That”, by Criag Johnson and Carolyn Costin, 2008)   Even though some of my best therapists have never had an eating disorder, there are advantages to having at least some staff members who are “recovered” from an eating disorder. It is not recovery alone that I’m drawn to, as I have interviewed many people with an eating disorder history whom I did not hire. …

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Ed tends to be pretty predictable, but that is not always true. There are moments when he will switch it up on us, and always to serve his own advantage. For instance, when we are struggling to meet some new recovery-related challenge, Ed may encourage us with soft words, telling us to take it easy – we have a lifetime to recover. What's the rush? But when we are trying to rest, to regroup, Ed…

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Let’s face it, we all have our own eat-i-o-syncracies,
our unique eating habits that are not only particular to us but sometimes
downright peculiar. That’s okay. They’re nothing to be ashamed of and even may make
eating more pleasurable. They sure do for me.

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Not being treated with respect by a
boss, spouse, partner, colleague, parent, child, co-worker, or whomever may
drive you to seek comfort in food. If you want respect, you must act in ways
that make crystal clear that you will settle for nothing less. Here’s how.

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