I live in a neighborhood with lots of growing pains. Because of this, I now know it takes two full days (if they start early on the morning of the 1st day) to tear a whole house down and cart it away. Since they are hard at work putting up six new houses on my street alone, I will soon find out approximately how long it takes to build a new house where the old…

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If you crave sweets after a meal, you’re not stuck in some kind of rut, but reacting to human biology. Perhaps understanding this process will help you be less hard on yourself about your cravings. And perhaps it will help you better manage your appetite.

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“J” has been sent home from hospital as ‘non-compliant’. We have nowhere to turn; every hospital and clinic in our State has given up on "J". She is 29 and has had Anorexia since she was 14; we are frightened we will lose her. "J" has lost everything, financially ruined, her car was repossessed, she is medically unfit to work and a danger to herself, her friends have long gone; she has no relationships; people…

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I had a discussion with a client a while ago about how difficult it was for her to tolerate not knowing a subject and staying with learning until she knew enough to feel confident. Many of you have this experience with becoming a “normal” eater, wanting immediately to feel competent, smart and secure without going through the process that will produce these feelings. Remember, all any of us can do is start at the beginning.

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Although many disregulated eaters yearn for the day when food is no longer the center of their lives, my experience is that when this happens, they experience substantial disquiet within. Much as they’ve waited for food to be just nourishment, they’re not sure what to do with all the open space in their minds—and their days.

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Ed doesn't agree with this statement. We can hear him gearing up with his arguments already. So what. Really – so what? We already know what Ed does, what Ed is like. We already know that if the statement says "you have nothing to lose" Ed will tell us it really says "you have everything to lose". And we already know that if the statement says "you have absolutely everything to gain" Ed will tell…

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I had two conversations with clients in one week that prove how vital it is to learn from and live by our experiences. This can be a difficult task for a number of reasons, but it’s the only way to get through life effectively. When we pay attention to our own experience, we make better choices, reduce stress and distress and, therefore, set ourselves up for making healthier decisions around food.

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There’s been a debate raging for decades about whether it matters for weight loss what time you eat. Some experts say yes and some no. Not that I’m pushing weight loss here, because I’m not, but if you’re trying to shed pounds, it pays to know what will help and hinder that process. A new study says that when you eat does make a difference.

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My blog is featured as one of the top psychology blogs on a website called Psychology Degree 411 which is for people who are interested in a psychology career. Check out their website and you might find other blogs of interest to you. Best,Karen R. Koenig

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Of course Ed will never tell you this. Ed will tell you that you are a recovery wimp. He will find all kinds of little reasons to try to convince you that you don't have a snowball's chance in you-know-where to ever live Ed-Free. But the truth is, if Ed were winning, Ed wouldn't have to keep warning! Ed wouldn't have to keep talking, threatening, cajoling, conniving, and contriving to convince you that you don't…

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