When I was young, I was in love with Luke Skywalker. I was also sure that, if offered the option, I would not have struggled one bit to choose between Jedi-dom and "the Dark Side." Yet, given my own mind's long and well-documented affinity for negative thinking, perhaps my youthful confidence was a tad premature. The "dark side" is fueled by anger, regret, pain. For many years, I, too, was fueled by the same. I'm…

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Once again, I’m grateful to a client for bringing up an issue that too often plagues disregulated eaters: the compulsion to compare your body with that of others. In this, the most fat-phobic, thin-obsessed period in the history of the world, comparison may seem like normal behavior. But, truth is, it’s anything but.

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Recently I asked a client to repeat what she’d said because it was such a profound statement. She said: “Because I can take care of myself with food, I know now that I can take care of myself in other parts of my life.” So true—taking care of yourself by effective feeding may be your first step in doing right by you, period.

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One of the most frequent laments I hear from clients is that, although they are finally starting to eat “normally,” they’re not losing weight. They understandably would like to shed pounds along with becoming healthier, yet recognize that focusing on weight loss per se might derail their improved eating. This is tricky business for troubled eaters.

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I came across a simple, but enlightening quote about habits that I thought worth passing on. Basically, it said that because no one escapes forming or falling into habits, we might as well choose positive rather than negative ones. Who could disagree?

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Admitting we need help….wow, that can be hard sometimes. Most of the time. Even all of the time. Because in this admission, we are not just admitting we need help. In our acknowledgement that we cannot recover all on our own, with only our eating disorder for guidance, support, and companionship, we are also admitting we WANT to get better. "I admit that I am powerless over my eating disorder – that my life has…

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Want to know one of the major reasons you haven’t changed your eating habits? Simple. You’re still responding in an unconscious way around food. Become more conscious and I guarantee you’ll leap forwarding in resolving your food issues.

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Oh boy. That sounds a lot easier than it actually is. Can it really be that simple? "Change your mind, change your life"….that sort of stuff? Fortunately and unfortunately, yes. It really can be that simple. So then why does our mind so often pit itself against us, seeming to be our enemy? It is because we don't understand how to converse in its language. Every thought we fear, every message that haunts us, is…

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