What will you gain this year?

  Happy New Year to all! With the New Year comes new promises and unfortunately new life for the diet industry.  Recently a Special K commercial featured people weighing themselves publicly in Times Square. Instead of a number reading, participants were shown words like "Joy, Courage and Strength."  The tagline…"What will you gain when you […]

Without fear

I found myself forgetting that today was Thanksgiving.  Every year it seems to arrive a bit earlier. However, for someone with an eating disorder, this day can be filled with dread and anxiety.  It doesn't have to be this way. You've probably read different ways to cope with today and the holiday season ahead.  The […]

Compassion in Eating Disorders

I walked through Macy’s this past weekend eager to get my 25% off shopping pass for a simple $5 donation to the March of Dimes.  Pass in hand, I was eager to see what potential bargains waited.  I found myself with a strange awakening and was struck by which charities could garner such support.  I’ve […]

When we stop hating our bodies

Body hate/dissatisfaction is a learned state. Therefore, it can be unlearned.  We don’t emerge from the womb disappointed in the shapes of our bellies or legs.  Instead, as infantswe marvel in finding a new body part to inevitably put in our mouths. If you ask someone with body image disturbance when they first realized that they […]

Why this picture is important

    Jesse Jackson, Jr recently released disclosed that he is being treated at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for a mental illness.  His congressional seat and political future were cited as one of his worries.  His underlying worry, mental health stigma. While lobbying Congress with the Eating Disorders Coalition, I had the privilege to hear […]

Silencing the critic within

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't–you're right.” Like the little engine that could, I choose to “think I can.”   I’m often asked how to silence the critical voice within.  Short answer; develop a love ofself.  Critical thoughts are often distortions which may be changed through CBT.  Real […]

Where I’ve been

Hello again! I took time off from blogging to focus on writing (irl), moving to a new state and beginning a brand new practice, whew!  I am glad to be back and hope you are ready for more of my quirky brand of humor and wisdom. This year has been an enormous growing experience but […]

The Moment I Knew… Hurry! The Huffington Post is featuring videos on the topic, "The Moment I Knew I Needed to Stop Dieting." Here's the Instructions: Submissions should include your full name with your video submission. Each video should be 30-60 seconds long, and should feature only you, speaking right into the camera telling your […]

Write your Recovery Story!

As we start another NEDAW (National Eating Disorders Awareness Week), I am grateful for this week to highlight the many efforts that the eating disorders treatment community make to further recovery. I encourage you to find an event in or near your community this week. Currently, I'm reading Carolyn Costin's "Eight Keys to Recovery from […]