The Lights in the Tunnel of Recovery

A while ago, a client mentioned finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of her food and emotional problems. It dawned on me then that rarely are we in tunnels that are pitch black, totally devoid of light. In fact, most tunnels we find our way through have intermittent light that provides […]

Weight Stigma Can Make You Fat

Generally we think of weight stigma as a result of being overweight, but what if it is also a trigger to putting on pounds? We already know that stigma stresses the body and produces more of the chemicals that harm optimal well being. Now we are discovering how this process takes a psychological toll as […]

What’s Your Normal?

If you’re being emotionally, verbally, physically or sexually abused by your partner, you’ll likely have difficulty becoming a “normal” eater because of what you accept as “normal” in your domestic life. Several points about such misperceived normalcy were made in Time magazine (9/22/14) after the release of the video of NFL player Ray Rice beating […]

Trauma, the Body and Eating

Many disregulated eaters never learned to regulate affect. Knowing what happens to the nervous system due to major trauma or chronic family dysfunction may help you understand why you now turn to food when you’re upset and can teach you effective ways of re-regulating. Let’s start off by accepting that humans have very fragile and […]

The Skinny on Fats

For decades we’ve been taught to be wary of fats—especially saturated fats—because they cause heart disease and weight gain. Now we’re told that they’re not such villiains after all. “Don’t blame fat” (Time, 6/23/14, pages 28-35) gives us the history of the anti-fats movement as well as the reasons for the scientific turnaround in thinking. […]

Proof-Fat Phobia Is A Cultural Phenonmenon

No matter how much I insist that fat phobia is nothing more than a cultural phenomenon, disregulated eaters are unwilling to believe this fact. Well, here’s a great illustration of the truth from an article entitled “Much too fat: the doctor says it’s time to slim down.” (The Economist, 6/14/14, page 44). The article comes […]

How Resilience Improves “Normal” Eating

A crucial trait that moves people from disregulated eating to “normal” eating is being resilient. High resilience is what makes them more resistant to the stresses and strains of life and better able to cope without turning to food. Read on to learn more about resilience and how to pump yours up. Research suggests that […]