Do You Need to Eat Breakfast?

I frequently have discussions with clients about whether or not to eat breakfast. Although we’ve been told repeatedly that we “should” eat it, many people simply have little appetite in the morning or, wanting to save time, prefer to have breakfast when they get to work. Here’s the latest on your morning meal. The debate […]

Eating, Weight and Gender

As if there aren’t enough differences between men and women, science is now telling us that we’re farther apart than we might think in terms of eating and weight. According to “Uneven struggle: from food cravings to moral support, men and women diet differently” (Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Health & Fitness, 8/26/14, 5-7E), there are major dissimilarities […]

Positive Self-talk with a Twist

Who doesn’t know that it’s better to speak positively than negatively to yourself as a foundation for transformation? Hopefully all of you. Now here’s a new twist: when speaking to yourself, replacing the “I” word with “you” or your own name. Studying “the pronouns people use when they talk to themselves silently, inside their minds,” […]

Social Isolation and Eating

A reminder of the importance in social relationships to help you become a “normal” eater. As Geneen Roth says so insightfully, in order to heal from eating problems, troubled eaters need to replace food with people. It seems that science agrees with Roth. If you are willing to do this, it will speed your recovery. […]

Solitude and Mindless Eating

Many of you do fine with food when you’re busy with activities or socializing with people, but as soon as you’re alone, you get all squirrely and head for the fridge. Well, it turns out that humans seem to have a bias against solitude, according to “People find solitude distressing” (Science News, 8/9/14, p. 12). […]

The Lights in the Tunnel of Recovery

A while ago, a client mentioned finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of her food and emotional problems. It dawned on me then that rarely are we in tunnels that are pitch black, totally devoid of light. In fact, most tunnels we find our way through have intermittent light that provides […]

Weight Stigma Can Make You Fat

Generally we think of weight stigma as a result of being overweight, but what if it is also a trigger to putting on pounds? We already know that stigma stresses the body and produces more of the chemicals that harm optimal well being. Now we are discovering how this process takes a psychological toll as […]