Recategorize “Fat” in Your Brain

Our brain uses its own shorthand to help us negotiate life. It categorizes people, places, events, etc. as life enhancing or life-threatening based on its initial encounters with them in childhood or adolescence. As adults, we’re able to delete them from one category and add them to another. Imagine doing this with how you think […]

Pushing or Being Pulled Forward

There’s a big difference between pushing ourselves forward and being pulled toward the future, our goals, or our passions. Can you sense the difference? I’m known among my clients for pestering them about their use of words like “should,” “shouldn’t,” and “need to” in making choices and I’ve written about these external motivators in articles, […]

Dangers of Food Restriction

If you came from a home or a childhood in which food was regularly restricted or off limits, studies now tell us that this may be a major cause of your food problems today. In “Restricting food makes it all the more desirable” (Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 4/29/14, page 32E), Tara Parker-Pope looks at why some kids […]

Slow Down Your Eating

Slowing down your eating is one of the most effective ways to enjoy food more and, if it is your goal, to eat less. Need proof? Here’s a summary of a brief article, “Not so fast” (Nutrition Action Healthletter, 5/14, p. 8, source: J. Acad. Nutr. Diet: 114: 393, 2014). “Eating slowly may help you […]

What Does BMI Really Tell Us?

Although I’ve never been a great fan of Body Mass Index (BMI) to assess quality of life, I find it interesting that something so many people have relied on for evaluation of health and longevity is now being questioned. Perhaps BMI will go the way of the scale and we’ll be left determining how we’re […]

Busy, Busy, Busy

The day after I read an article on “busyness,” a client happened to share an epiphany she’d had: Tired of hearing herself say how busy she is as if it would earn her a gold star on her forehead, she decided that putting herself under the gun 24/7 wasn’t such a hot idea and that […]