More on Anxiety and Eating

Two great articles from Eating Disorder Hope (Eating Disorder Hope newsletter, vol. 25) give just that, hope for troubled eaters learning to manage anxiety and decrease their emotional, compulsive, and mindless eating. In “Anxiety and overeating—what’s the overlap?” Jennifer Pells, PhD, tells us that “anxiety symptoms and disorders frequently co-occur with overeating and that studies […]

Succeeding at Fitness

Do you cringe at the word “fitness”? Do your eyes glaze over and does your mind slam shut because the subject seems so overwhelming? Does the word sound like a chore, drag, or even punishment? Quick: In a sentence, what’s your purpose for fitness? In How to Think About Exercise, Damon Young (“Your thinking about […]

Stop Seeking Drama to Improve Your Eating

Are you a drama addict or someone who can’t figure out how you end up in one crisis after another or situations which overflow with intense emotions? You probably realize that such sturm und drang adversely affects your eating, and wonder why your life is so full of drama when what you think you yearn […]

Stop Fear of Judgment with Self-compassion

Many dysregulated eaters fear not only their self-judgments but, worse, they dread others condemning and belittling them for what they say and do. Do you know what the best protection—no, make that the only protection—is from others’ judgments? It’s having self-compassion for ourselves no matter what. Think of self-compassion as a soft but tough, tear-proof […]

Book Review: Body Respect by Linda Bacon, PhD and Lucy Aphramor, PhD, RD

Health at Every Size—The Surprising Truth about Your Weight by Linda Bacon, PhD was a groundbreaking book based on the concept that a high weight doesn’t necessarily lead to illness and early death, as we’ve been repeatedly told. Now, Bacon has co-written another cutting edge book with Lucy Aphramor, PhD, RD: Body Respect—What Conventional Health […]

How to Stay Motivated

I had a conversation with a client a while back about how to stay motivated to grow and change. We talked about how prodding yourself forward with harsh demands doesn’t work and how words like “should” only trigger a desire to rebel. What, then, is left for us? Here are two useful mental constructs: the […]

Quit Being A Victim

I’d like to tell you that I’ve never engaged in feeling or acting like a victim, but that would be a lie. There is a satisfying pleasure in feeling unjustifiably wronged. But it doesn’t do us any good as a mental dwelling place for any length of time. Making ourselves feel powerless never contributes to […]

You Can’t Argue with Crazy

How could a radio interview of an Iranian journalist held captive in Iran for three months (then released) possibly relate to you and your eating problems? Here’s how. The interviewer asked the journalist about his interaction with his guards and interrogators. This led to talking about the journalist managing these relationships by choosing to react […]