EatingDisordersBlogs.com is now a source of the latest, exciting and clinically relevant eating disorder information authored by top thinkers in the field. Readers will find a wide range of content that reflects the complexity of eating disorders, from new findings in treatment development, psychiatry, and neuroscience to information on relevant social, cultural and media issues. Our new format will enhance the ability to search for blog postings in specific topic areas. This allows us to honor the incredible body of wisdom and knowledge embodied in the history of EatingDisordersBlogs.com.

The list of blog categories, located in alphabetical order to the left of the home page, allows readers to select topics of interest across a full range of eating disorder related areas.

We also feature a category called “Therapist Corner” where clinicians post treatment ideas, novel approaches and discussions of the nuts and bolts of clinical practice. The “Book Review” and “Latest Research” categories will bring readers new and important books and research in both the eating disorder and, occasionally, the broader mental health field. Finally our “Miscellaneous” category captures blogs that don’t seem to fit into other areas.

In addition to searching by category, all our bloggers are listed under the drop down menu “Authors” at the top of the home page, allowing authors of interest to be easily located.

We hope you enjoy this site and find many different topics of interest. Remember to visit regularly so that you don’t miss out on the latest blogs.

-Doug Bunnell, Editor, EatingDisordersBlogs.com



  1. Hannah said:

    How can you apply to be a guest blogger?
    I have my own recovery blog I would love to be featured – clinical assessment is all very well, but my story is real life, not textbook, and may make an interesting case study

    April 2, 2016

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