Don Blackwell

Don_BlackwellDON BLACKWELL IS A TRIAL ATTORNEY at Bowman and Brooke LLP, who lives and works in South Florida. At various times, however, Don’s worn a number of other hats. He’s been a husband (for the past 36 years), a brother, a son, a poet, the editor of a creative writing publication (The Motley), a public speaker, a youth league baseball coach, a law school professor, a student, a friend, a college disc jockey, a boss, a classmate, a charity event organizer and fundraiser, a teammate, the new kid in town, a problem-solver, a shoulder to cry on, a peace-seeker and a dreamer – to name just a few. Most importantly, however, Don is a dad of two young adults, Greg (30) and Ashley (28).and recently became a grandfather. Don is a member of NEDA’s Parents, Family and Friends Steering Committee and is the author of “Dear Ashley – A Father’s Reflections and Letters to His Daughter on Life, Love and Hope” (Imbue Press 2013).

Through the years, Don has presented or co-presented at several conferences, including: “Taking the “Th” Out of #Thinspiration – Utilizing Social Media to Encourage, Empower & Bring Hope to Those Battling or In Recovery from Eating Disorders ” (MEDA 2016); “The Dad Initiative – Practical Suggestions For Inviting, Educating & Empowering Dads To Become More Active Participants In Eating Disorder Treatment & Recovery (NEDA 2015); “I’ve Listened To Your Daughter’s Heart,” Fatherhood and Families’ 2014 Annual Conference; “Dads, Daughters and Disorders” (HEDS 2013); and “Navigating in Uncharted Waters – One Dad’s Practical Suggestions for Supporting Your Loved One in All Phases of Their Eating Disorder Journey” (NEDA 2012). Don also has authored articles that have appeared in NEDA’s Making Connections Newsletter and in Perspectives, the Renfrew Foundation’s Professional Journal.

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