The thing that diet promoters don’t tell you is why you get so hooked on diets. But this is just the information you need to get yourself unhooked. The answer is found both in physiology and psychology. First, when you begin dieting you lose weight which is precisely what you want to happen. You think, “Hey, fab, this works!” which, of course, it does for a while, until it doesn’t. So, then you think that…

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The Moment I Knew… Hurry! The Huffington Post is featuring videos on the topic, "The Moment I Knew I Needed to Stop Dieting." Here's the Instructions: Submissions should include your full name with your video submission. Each video should be 30-60 seconds long, and should feature only you, speaking right into the camera telling your story. Please start your story with the words "The moment I knew…" Email your videos to: themomentiknew@huffingtonpost.​com

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