Ordinarily Sacred

Learning how to pay attention in a new way will re-establish the sacredness of even ordinary things and bring enchantment to your life.  To help you understand what we mean, think of a familiar tree. Now imagine this tree is the only one left in the world.  Immediately the tree takes on a new significance even though nothing about the tree itself is different. The tree’s importance and value would increase significantly and it would probably be deemed a world treasure.  People from all over the world would come to see the tree and probably even pay for the privilege.  It would have to be protected and surrounded with fences, and people would celebrate this beautiful, magnificent tree.  The once familiar and ordinary tree has become extraordinary. The tree itself has not changed but the perception of it has.  The next time you see a friend or next door neighbor imagine this person was the only human left in the world and see how special he or she becomes. Taking time to pay attention to the familiar and ordinary, seeing them for the amazing things they are, brings reverence and sacredness to your life.  


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