Spiritual Beings & a Human Experience

The week in group I talked about a tipping point that is coming:

A tipping point where there are enough of us who are recovered from eating disorders that we will make a difference in the world to come

We don’t diet, we don’t talk about our bodies or identify our worth there in, we recognize the madness of image over substance and it stops with us and with all those we can influence

It is our job to change the world and we are going to do it because we see the toxicity of our culture’s obsession with beauty and thinness for what it is, probably because we have been most affected by it. And, no I don’t think body dissatisfaction causes eating disorders, but I sure think it is a huge, and maybe the biggest, risk factor for developing one. Besides I care not only about those with eating disorders but about anyone who devalues themselves based on how they look, or not measuring up to our culture’s standards.

Like women suffragettes in our past who fought for the right to vote, I tell my clients that we can no longer sit idle thinking that things just can’t or won’t change. We need to fight to change the culture and maybe we won’t see that change in our lifetime but we must do it for our daughters and for their daughters.

And to do this we have to change ourselves, the way we act, our choices we make every day.

We must live our lives with the understanding that “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


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