The ABC’s of Gratitude

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we will be sharing some thoughts on gratitude by various staff members. Enjoy this new way to practice your ABC's.


Gratitude ABC's…A gift given to me by a famous MN graduate who credits AA as its origin…..It is amazing!!
If you are like me,  you lay your head on your pillow and can't quite figure out how
to turn off the chit chat in your head, whether it be worry or just 
the events of the day…
Try this simple "exercise". Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and then begin list things you are grateful for by going through the entire alphabet from A to Z.
For example…..
all the way to 
I often times fall asleep before reaching the end of the alphabet,
but if I don't…..
I always have a Z…… for Zoey, my wonderful amazing niece!!!!

I fall asleep in a positive frame of mind, which effects my sleep, and my life.

Please give it a try,  I know you will feel the gratitude!!!!
Anna Kowalski


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