The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas music playing in every store. The smell of cider and spruce in the air. Giddy children sitting on Santa's lap. Lights, snowflakes and decorations every where. The spirit of the season is hard to miss. But many people do. Hustle and bustle become stress and strife. Jack frost nipping becomes bitter cold. Wish lists become oppressive to-do lists. The most wonderful time of the year becomes the most dreaded.

We must remember to count our blessings not our burdens. We must remember that we get to choose what this time of year means. One person's white Christmas is another's day-long chore of shoveling. One person's merry little Christmas is another's blue Chrstimas. One person's happiest time can be another's crappiest time. As we enter these holidays, let us focus on the fun and the festive. Let us experience every bit of light, love and wonder that can fill each day. May our stockings runneth over with tidings of comfort and joy because we choose for them to. Let this truly be the most wonderful time of the year. 




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